About Children Development

Childhood is considered to be the time period between birth and adolescence. Development during childhood refers to the biological, psychological, and emotional changes that a boy or girl goes through during this time period. The developmental changes can be influenced by genetics as well as parental influence. Child development encompasses the fact that people have a natural sense to adapt to their surroundings.

Usually, ages are defined by intervals which separate the different developmental periods for children. These are newborn, which is birth to one month, infant, which is one month to one year, toddler, age one year to three years, preschooler, age four to six years, school aged child, age six to thirteen years, and adolescent, years thirteen to twenty.

Having the best development of children possible is vital to society and future generations. Because of this, it is important to understand the different developmental natures.

Social development refers to the way a child acts in society. This can be development with friendships, family members, and the general way a child socializes in public, specifically in school.

Emotional development refers to the way a child handles situations. This process checks to see the amount of anger a child possesses, how upset they get over negative situations, whether they have the ability to be happy and active, etc.

Cognitive development refers to the development of the brain. When very young, children have sponges as brains and collect a lot of information. Cognitive development studies whether a child's brain is absorbing the correct amounts of information.

Finally, educational development refers to the child's studies. This type of development normally occurs in the classroom, but can be active at home as well.

All of these different developments in children are important factors of literacy. Every developmental process, social, emotional, cognitive, and educational have to be in working order and constantly improving for a child to read and write well.