About Distance Literacy Learning

Distance literacy education or distance literacy learning is about different teaching methods that focus on delivering basic knowledge like writing and reading to students who can’t be enrolled in a classic classroom system.

Distance literacy education has been made available today with the help of different technologies. For example, web conferencing and videoconferencing are useful in this kind of activity because they enable the student to actually see and hear his teacher. Distance learning has been embraced by different academic institutions across the US, but few educational centers offer distance literacy learning. Usually, parents who have to relocate to a different country because of their job and have a kid that is not yet in school can keep in touch with a US teacher by email and video chatting. Teaching basic literacy skills like reading and writing can be hard when the teacher and the student don’t face each other, but not impossible. The process will also involve a lot of commitment from the parents too who will have to check it their kid is doing everything correctly.

Literacy learning is a skill that is taught in school, in a large classroom with other students for interaction. That is why, in distance literacy learning, the interaction is crucial. During the session, the child has to understand many things. He should ask about things that he doesn’t understand and keep in mind that individual work is more important than the actual virtual classroom. Exercising literacy skills individually will help him develop them faster and easier.

There are many public and non-profit organizations that offer distance literacy learning worldwide. When choosing such an institution parents should keep in mind to search for one that is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council or DETC. The rest may be fraudulent and will do a bad job in providing children with basic literacy skills.