Fun Literacy Activities

There are many ways to overcome difficulties in reading and writing. The best place to start this process of learning to read and write would be in the classroom where a child has a well educated teacher to show them the proper way to write or an easier way to learn how to read at a good pace for them.

However, if learning in the classroom proves to be difficult for a child, there are ways to learn at home, even online literacy activities.

There are games which can be found on the internet that have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. These games cover a range of topics such as antonyms, synonyms, letter to sound correspondence, the order of the alphabet, and more.

If these games are too serious, there are a range of other fun literacy activities and/or games that include the fun factor with the learning.

There are games where you whack a mole in alphabetical order, frogs that eat bugs in alphabetical order, a game where you help a bee take letter to different hives in alphabetical order, and more dealing with the alphabet.

If the child has moved past this learning stage, there are more difficult games that can be played but that still have fun incorporated. Some of these include practicing writing upper and lowercase letters, practice writing numbers, contractions, months of the year word searches, and spelling words which focus on short vowels, long vowels, digraphs, blends, and plurals.

In addition to games on the internet there are family literacy games or even language activities to play on a long car ride. Some of these games include rhyming games, nursery rhymes, sound blending, sound spy, ending sounds, say and clap, and go rhyme fishing. Still others include hunting for letter sounds, matching, and comprehension games such as make a pattern book, timelines, and thinking about what you have read games.