Family Literacy Games

Playing games is an essential part of learning especially at a young age. Parents who want to get involved in their children literacy program should know that games are very useful for helping children remember things.

Literacy games are a pleasant and easy way for young children who are not yet in school to learn different literacy concepts. Parents should always be careful to adapt the games so that they fit the cultural and educational environment in which they are used. Also, parents who don’t want to spend money on prefabricated games can make their own game cards that explain different concepts in nature. They can also use material from classic games. Parents with two or more children should also be aware that literacy games are supposed to encourage participation rather than competition. Although competition can sometimes be good, at this early age children should be encouraged to learn and get involved in different activities.

Literacy games can help children develop literacy skills like reading, writing, spelling and phonemic awareness. They will also get good at recognizing different objects like animals, things around the house and many more. If a child is very young, in his pre-schooling period which is usually until 6 or 7 years old, parents can use visual aid when it comes to literacy games. They can draw little cards with different objects, show them to their children, and then kids will have to repeat and identify the objects. This is both fun and educational. Parents need to have patience and never scream at their children. Playing literacy games is a two-way activity in which the parents are as much involved as their children. Literacy games also help develop a stronger bond between child and parents. It is widely known that children who learn certain things with familiar people will memorize them easier and with no constraints.