Types of Learning Disabilities

Children can suffer learning disabilities for a lot of different reasons. Some people tend to push these problems under the rug in hopes that the child will grow out of it or that someone else will take charge of it. Most of these problems can be fixed or treated if only someone will give these children a chance. Once of the problems a child may have, and one of the most serious, is abuse at home.

If a child is being abused at home, there is no encouragement to do well in school and therefore no incentive to have better grades. Teachers and adults in general can help with this by calling in social services to check in and, once the child is in a healthy living environment, he may be able to learn and focus while at school.

Two other major causes for difficulty learning in children would be ADD and ADHD. Both of these are fairly common and can be easy to treat; however, untreated they can pose serious problems for a child attempting to learn. In a quiet and still setting, someone with Attention Deficit Disorder would be quietly, or sometimes not so quietly, going crazy trying to find something else to do. Focusing is difficult and therefore makes learning in general quite a task for these children. Another common problem is Autism. There are many different types and levels of Autism, so while it may be obvious that one child needs special attention to deal with this illness, it may not be so clear with another. However, you can be sure that any amount of Autism could hinder the learning capabilities of a child. A few other problems with children are depression, bipolar disorder, and stress just to name a few. It is true that one usually does not think of children having these disorders or problems, but with the divorce rate so high, as well as other unhealthy living situations, it is no wonder why some children have a more difficult time in the classroom than others.