Volunteering Literacy Program

A volunteering literacy program is an educational initiative which trains tutors that volunteer to teach students the basic elements of reading, writing, math and English language. This program can also include a second language and communication skills. Usually, the volunteers are high school or university students who have been enrolled in essential classed like GED, ESL or ABE. They are eligible for tutoring and they can get paid on how much classes they have.

Usually, VLP or volunteer literacy programs organize individual classes with only one student per teacher, because the teachers don’t have much experience with tutoring. They are just volunteering and wish to gain experience. VLP classes are usually organized by literacy centers that also offer literacy books and manuals. These centers have an entire library of literacy instructional books and manuals. Beginners in tutoring can consult reference materials to gain some perspective about literacy teaching. Also, students who require help with the class homework can also consult the library.

A volunteer literacy program is very useful in teaching children that are not yet in school the basic literacy skills. Early literacy skills will help children succeed in life, work and as accomplished community members.

Anyone with an interest in teaching can volunteer for such a literacy program. Of course, it is wise for parents to meet the teacher and get a feel of how he or she works with children. Volunteer teachers are inexperienced and they are doing it in order to gain experience, as an extra-curricular activity for school or as a bonus for their university application. Despite the reasons they decide to begin teaching, the important thing is that the tutor can understand the needs of his student. Tutors need to have a lot of patience, great communication skills and they must also love working with children.